A few weeks ago I started thinking about making my own PCB. So I went into action - bought all the supplyes and I was ready... but not yet. I still needed something to build the PCB for. And because I needed a clock that could be visible during night and from far away the ArduClock project was born. So ArduClock is basicaly an alarm clock - nothing more - nothing less. You can use parts of this project if you need the code for driving the 7-segment displays or if you simply want a cool clock that you made yourself.


Here is a picture of the clock during the building (this is a PCB v1.0 - some changes have been done in the new version):

ArduClock during building


And here is the finished version in a custom built case:

Finished version


Here is a download package (part list, Arduino code, schematic - in .dip format - you can open it with Freeware DipTrace application):


DipTrace download


You will aslo need this Arduino libraryes: