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  • Name: ElectroHelper
  • Price: 0.99$ / 0,79€
  • Category: Utillities
  • Available on App Store: Yes


Do you need a resistor with a specific value and you don't know the resistor color code? Or do you need to connect an LED and don't know what resistor you need? Or maybe you have an resistor and need to know its value without using an ohm-meter? If you answered yes to any of those questions then the ElectroHelper is the tool you need.


  • LED resistor calculator. Works with single LEDs or multiple LEDs connected in series or parallel.
  • Converts a resistor color code to the actual value - supports 4, 5 or 6 band resistors.
  • Converts a resistor value to resistor color code - supports 4 and 5 band resistors.
  • Inductive Reactance calculator
  • Capacitive Reactance calculator
  • Built in help


Color to resistance converter LED Resistor calculator Inductive/Capacitve Reactance Calculator