New projects and ideas

It has been too long since my last post here! The exams at university are now finally over and they went quite good. I finally had some free time to do a bit of thinking and imaganing. I became a great fan of Raspberry Pi and its potential and I have ordered one at the launch, so I hope that I will get one in my hands soon. I realy have some great ideas for a few projects with it and I just hope that I will have enough time to make them a reality. As for my iPhone applications - things don't look bad actually. I should be getting an iPhone 4 soon (I currently do my development on ipod touch 2g) and this should enable me to stay current with technology. I have an idea what to do with some of my existing applications and I hope to make this idea a reality in summer.


For all of my application users - Thank you for using my applications and supporting me. If you have any problems or ideas on making them better, please send me an email (you can find it on the support page).