Nothing new at all

So it has been more than a few weeks since my last post here. The latest CableInfo update did resolve the problems - since no one reported any new problems.


Other than that my iOS apps are where they were before. I am working on a new arduino project - a big one this time and I don't have the time for my iOS apps. This big arduino project is almost complete so it should be done after a month or so. After that I will need something else to keep me busy. If you have any ideas for another iOS app - please let me know. But please no more games. For some reason my latest game GeoGalaxy is selling like crap - I have proabably sold 10 of them. And I don't like it because I spent too much time working on it. I thought about making the source code available for a small price but proabably there aren't many people interested in a source code of a game that no-one plays. If you are - please send me an email.