Still here

Almost a week ago I came back from my summer vacation and started the work on my little (not realy) game for iPhone. The whole thing is going faster than expeted which is great for me and for you. I finsihed implementing the control system so now you can shoot enemies, I also added the enemies (so you can shoot something) which actualy move (HA-HA-HA) and dissapear when you shoot them. I still have to work a little on them appering on the screen. After I do that I will be almost finished with first part of the game and will start to work on the second part (the game is made of three parts). More in the comming weeks.


You probably remember that I started programming for Android too. That is going well and I will probably start porting one of my iphone applications when I finish this game - which I hope will be a success. BombTap is still selling which is good but I have a feeling that not that many people like simple games like that.