What is going on?

Some of you are probably asking yourself that question. My last post here was more than two weeks ago so here is a new post. For the last two weeks or more I have been working on my multitouch table project that is almost finished now. I will soon be posting some pictures and a guide how to build a multitouch table for yourself. I am also working on an Mac application that will be used with the multitouch table (of course the application is more or less in the idea stage right now).


I have also been working on my first iPhone game and that is slowly getting to its final shape. Of course if you want to know what the game is and when it will be ready for sale - I will not tell yout that (at least not yet). Maybe a week, a month or never. As for my two iPhone applications that are already on sale - there are no updates planned for this year but maybe something in the beginning of 2010. The sales of my two apps average about three a day - not much but I expected that since the apps are useful for only a few people.